Hopkins property offers you an individual service designed to meet your requirements.  We will work with you to understand your goals, develop an agreed plan and work together with you to deliver your project on time and on budget.  


Some of our clients:


  • have lots of property experience; but some have none

  • are interested in being involved in the process; others are not

  • have never had an investment property; others have a significant property investment portfolio

  • want to work closely with us to learn and build their own knowledge; others are not interested 

  • want to meet each week; others less regularly because they are too busy

  • have a builder or an architect or a friend they want to involve in the process; others need all the introductions.

We work on the premise that each client has their own specific needs, style, budget and preferences.  We identify these by working together and agreeing on the best way forward for each project.  


The types of services that clients may require are:


  • Site selection, negotiation and acquisition

  • Project concept design and statutory town planning

  • Feasibility and cost planning

  • Debt and equity funding – mortgage finance, joint venture capital and public prospectus

  • Project marketing and sales - presentations, public seminars, off-plan sales

  • Appointment and management of consultants and contractors

  • Contract negotiations, tendering and administration

  • Strategic risk management

  • Lease negotiations

  • Landscape design, implementation and maintenance.