Planning a home renovation, building a new house or looking for an investment property?

We provide a personalised service tailored to your property aspirations.


1.   Individual/tailored service to meet your needs

Hopkins Property offers an individual service designed to meet your requirements.  We will work with you to understand your needs and goals in order to develop a plan we can deliver on time and on budget.

2.   Expert advice throughout the process

Our development and project management expert can provide advice, problem solve and manage risks.  The advice can include input on design, feasibility modelling, contract negotiations, options for financing, problem solving, legals and insurance.

3.   Access to a pool of excellent professionals

We will work with your preferred architect, interior designer, engineer, builder, drafter, lanscape architect, supplier and real estate agents.  Alternatively, we can draw from a known pool of experienced and/or cutting edge professionals that would suit your needs and style.

4.   Reduced project cost

Through contract negotiations, contract management, management of professionals and ongoing project management, Hopkins Property's oversight will reduce project cost and risk.

5.   Ensure a quality build

Take you through a detailed process so that you receive a quality outcome. This is achieved by using appropriate professionals, documentation processes and clear communications with contractors.