'James managed the whole home building project process for us.  This included site acquisition, demolition of the old house, planning, appointment and management of the builder, landscaping, bank financing and lots of good ideas and advice.  He was great to deal with, showing initiative, flexibility along the way and risk management.  We worked with him for about 2.5 years and we would highly recommend him.' ​​Deb Gillespie



'James found me a site, arranged all the design, documentation and planning permits while I rented out the old property.  When I was ready he got building prices, managed the contract negotiations and the builder.  I found him very personable and he made a scary process enjoyable for me.  I love my new home.' Sally Sinclair


'We decided to use James and his team of professionals.   Engaging him as our project manager saved us money so we came in under budget and with a few extras!' Melissa Hilless 



'We used James because we had no building or property experience.  I have quite a few friends who thought they could do it but ended up with less than what they wanted.  One had terrible quality floors and sacked the builder, one builder didn't quote everything and kept adding variations and for another the architect managed the project and went 40% over budget.  In two of these cases they ended up in VCAT. James saved us a lot of money and managed all the 'hiccups' for us along the way.'  Alan Leckie